Sunday, November 25, 2007

late night picture show & a wild party

Stumbled across this at the fascinating, which features galleries of found photos:
"What Was On (1957)- 48 Photos of women on TV taken late at night by a lonely photographer in 1957. Encrusted with 50 year old dust and emulsion the photos of women from melodramas and late-night talk shows are not only a record of one person's peculiar obsession but also a virtual catalog of the kind of roles women played in the popular entertainment of the era."
Here are are a few of the pics . Click here for the full gallery. Wonder what the story was behind the photographer...

Also check out this party that looks like it might have been held by Radley Metzger... come to think of it... wow... just imagine what his parties would have been like!?

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Michael said...

That party is full-on rad. Great site, man. Merci!