Saturday, June 09, 2007

More dusty old things to keep

And just to update again on the demise of the institution I love. Oddly, last Saturday after posting here, I went for a quick bike ride and then remembered that I had received a message that the library had been given some of the 'types of films you like' and that I was to jump in a grab what I wanted before the unwashed masses could sticky them up. This means film films and this batch were on 8 mm and it's hard to discern just what they are but they look like the belongings of an oldies fan. Something about Chaplin, Pickford and Laurel & Hardy as well as one that has the label designated as 150th Anniversary of Steam, Grand Prix and British Monaco South Africa. So, who knows?

But the real baby and piece that made me wonder in a drifty way for a second (the one librarian's daughter giving smiles in big sunglasses helped) was this box of audio tape which I quickly secured and pushed into the 'take' pile.

It's so old it has the original telephone exchange! Anyway, it made my day and I have no way of knowing if it is blank or what the deal is. The leader bears no markings and there is the handwritten word 'French' inside the box. C'est la vie.

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