Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Steve Coogan's "Lesbian Vampire Lovers of Lust"

Just found this on YouTube. Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible????? Got to get this!

"Steve Coogan parody of lesbian vampire movies, with Coogan and Sally Bretton as newlyweds invited to stay at the castle of lustful Countess Kronsteen (Ronni Ancona, having a blast!) From Coogan's comedy-horror tv series, Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible, Episode: "Lesbian Vampire Lovers of Lust"

And the original trailer for THE VAMPIRE LOVERS:


martin s said...

Ingrid Pitt should have gotten far more work than she did. She's also in an interesting, though not great, film called Countess Dracula. Bad tranformations, but who can complain when you've got a bloody Ingrid in the buff. Enjoyed the Coogan spoof. Hail Hammer!

Jeremy Richey said...

I must say that "The Vampire Lovers" had a huge impact on me as a child. Watching Hammer films on Saturday afternoon and Sunday mornings on local tv was always so thrilling, even if the prints were shoddy and cut to hell. Ingrid Pitt is one of the only celebrities that I have ever met that left me completely speechless and Kate O'Mara still blows my mind. Great trailer, thanks for posting.

Stephania said...

Two questions:
1. Is this from the '80s?
2. Does this eventually become a porn?

Jiangtou said...

this is from 2001, but seems to be looking like Ken Russell's GOTHIC! and keep your mind out of the gutter ms. S! I bet the thoughts in your head would be better than what the director could put on screen!