Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hickory sticks

All these jetsetting Toronto smartypants forever going on about their storied cinema past glories. I'm here to point out that we simple folks in the sticks had our own awesome cinemas and mine in particular was a Stinson theatre and we got all manner of lesser movies and I swear it's where I came from. Me. Stuff that in your can(nes) and smoke it!

Anyway, last week I found this very brittle newspaper in a wall that was being modified. It was Scorchy that caught my eye, naturally. The upper portion was too destroyed but you can make out that Cannonball was playing along with some Corman picture with Ron Howard and fast cars that wasn't Eat My Dust.

This was my town and my favourite place ever for movies in 1977. Check out the awesomely sick advert for Deep Red! Almost as gruesome as Rabid.

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aaron said...

I love that print ad for Deep Red. And I feel like, as gruesome as it is, it is still campy enough as to leave viewers completely unprepared for the experience of that movie in 77.