Thursday, April 30, 2009

what's sticky

I've been busy and have not had a chance to check in on some of my regular blogs, but a quick scan makes me realize I have lots of catch up to do. In the future I will post a semi-regular round up of links and images that relate to what we blather about here at Popcorn and Sticky Floors under the catchy headline: "what's sticky". It will also shed some light on the various folks over on our blog roll including some new additions.

Over at Tomb It May Concern - David Zuzelo documents his meeting with the legendary Christina Lindberg at the recent Cinema Wasteland convention. Part 1 & Part 2. Check out his previous blog entries on the lovely and personable Swedish exploitation star.

The Deuce - The Grindhouse Cinema Database! Just stumbled across this nicely designed website that promises to be exciting as it grows! Check their reviews of the Ozsploitaion flics, DEATHCHEATERS and DEAD END DRIVE-IN.

When the Scandy Tangerine Man is not cataloguing his VHS collection or thinking of cleavage, he's hosting parties with the most interesting guests...

At the home of Final Girl, Stacie Ponder reflects on what a great year 1985 was. RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. RE-ANIMATOR. FRIGHT NIGHT. THE STUFF. DEMONS. DAY OF THE DEAD. THE COMPANY OF WOLVES. And of course, the film, which for the longest time was my laserdisc then dvd of choice to put on when stumbling home tipsy or blasted to fall asleep on the couch to --- LIFEFORCE. What an astounding poster. HOT!

You might have to break out the French-English dictionary over at Au carrefour étrange, but there is lots of rare images of the phantasmagorical. One thing I have learned with out that dictionary is that pretty girls should not read Edgar Alan Poe alone at night. Enjoy seeing foreign language blogs that shed light on pulp design from their shores. A new addition to the blog roll.

Vintage Girlie Mags is run by SUPS MCCALLISTER, and he scans vintage men's magazines. Plain and simple. I LOVE the illustration that came out of this ish of KNIGHT: THE MAGAIZINE FOR THE ADULT MALE.

And over at Blonde Zombies, there is ALWAYS something to look at:

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