Friday, April 24, 2009

chained and perfumed

Got a new one added over on the blog roll that is worth your time. You can trust our recommendations - we have turned down requests from plenty of sexy spam bloggers, no matter how many free martial aids they send us. We enjoy getting "check us out" requests that pay off.

This new blog is... "chained and perfumed"

The blog covers "mostly pop culture garbage (mid to low brow)" and recent posts include some stills from Preston Sturges' risque comedy The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek starring Betty Hutton (below), a noting of the recent French anti-smoking crackdown in advertising and how it affects Hulot's pipe in ads for a Jacque Tati retrospective (further below) and some cool wood/lino cut movie ads made for Academy Cinema by Peter Strausfeld (way down below). Looking forward to future posts!