Thursday, October 30, 2008

The unholiest of kings

That's an Alice Cooper lyric, don't you know? He's scary. He was scary and then he seemed to change and grow scarier, really. But I digress.

I'm offering you (like a sacrifice) the delight of the most frightening half-minute film clip you're likely to see during the year's most haunted of times. Guaranteed to shake you to your very core and leave you shivering, curled up and seeking any form of stable comfort at all as your shrieks echo off to disturbed silence. It is...

And speaking of wicked, check this out.

What I'm trying to wish you, here, now and in video form, is the most rockin', wickedly-awesome and frightening Hallowe'en ever, man. Have fun!


Kate said...

just sent the first clip around the office. Everyone is now creeped out.

Happy Halloween to you too!

Michael said...

And back at you once more! I just noticed that the WFMU blog has it there too but I didn't steal it. I've been sitting on it and just waiting for Hallowe'en to come! I guess great minds and all that rot.

Be wicked!