Monday, October 27, 2008


Gerard Damiano 1928-2008

I could never afford (or would never pay those prices!) an original Deep Throat poster but, thankfully, Gerry Damiano made other films with wonderfully alluring advertising! His role in the world of adult film is certainly cemented around the magnificent foundation of that one film's often remarkable legacy. His talents are questionable, to some, and nobody knows who really made all that money but it makes one hell of a good story if you care to read about it or watch a documentary. And then there's Linda Lovelace and her versions of events as well. The mob, the court cases, the controversy, the indeterminate coercion, the smash celebrity and the birth of 'porno chic' all from one woman's talented mouth!

He seemed like a decent and fun-loving guy with a great hairpiece and a totally groovy fashion sense. And he had sex with a young and eager Annie Sprinkle.

Go with gentle care, Gerry Damiano!


katarina said...

You are always on top of the important news, sir. I appreciate that about you.

Michael said...

Well, thank you! Somebody has to keep their nose dirty!

And/or spend too much time trolling the Internet and questionable/terrific forums. I was alerted (not personally) by Carter Stevens so I refused to even question the veracity.

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