Saturday, March 22, 2008


I find that this cold weather tends to slow my creative juices. It makes them just viscous enough that they refuse to be manipulated or pushed and pulled about. But when somebody starts to usurp my poster posting, I feel I have to react.

Earlier, Colin posted the beautiful one sheet to 'The Black Gestapo' and it took me back to the early days of my poster collecting when I did receive that exact item and for free, no less, from some very pleasant dealer located in New Jersey or Long Island, if memory serves me. It planted a seed and from then on I decided to endeavor on a quest that would see me acquiring a poster from every film that involved the inimitable Uschi Digard.

You may know her most famously as the Swedish emigre featured in the later films of pendulum lover, Russ Meyer, but her buxom attributes have a habit of popping up all over the place if you spend a lot of time carefully observing the great and fun sexploitation films from the late 60s and 70s. Uschi spotting was a habit that I developed early on and I truly adore seeing her in any state and at any time. It's just a gentle comfort to me although her list of aliases and uncredited roles is most daunting.

Now, I have not seen all of her films and I have not even approached the halfway mark in my goal of achieving poster completion but the journey, as they say, is really double the big fun.

I'll take a little space here now and post some items that rank above all others because they actually feature Uschi in the artwork on the poster. Finding these articles are what makes this expedition so gratifying and delightful.

Let's go chronologically so as not to place any goddess image in a position of desire higher than any other. All Uschi is good and giving Uschi and I'm totally smitten to the point where, to me, she even overshadows the, seemingly, patron-saint of bloggers, Christina Lindberg.


It's important to note here that while Uschi did share the screen with hardcore legends like John Holmes, there is no actual footage of her engaging in such ribald activities as those more daring adult performers. Uschi is clean and magnificent and presented here in several glorious illustrations showing her wide and much-fabled/fancied range.


Here we're presented with a pensive side to Uschi. While it is the normal (front) side that is shown, I think you'll agree with me when I say that there is something deep and possibly pleasureful running through that actress and it may quite literally smash your assumptions about the standard 'sex' star.


Now, I can't be entirely certain that it is actually Uschi that appears in this poster but I am willing to bet my standing in the fan community as well as my copy of the Bunny Yeager magazine that features nothing but toothsome portraits of Uschi that it is indeed her being manhandled in a totally inappropriate manner by some beastly cad with shameful intentions.


A touch of the nation of Sweden presented in the form of Uschi (often misspelled Digart) Digard, while most definitely more than enough, would never fully sate me and I continue pressing forward with no constraints as I keep a steady eye on this noble pursuit. One that you will benefit from as well. I cross my heart and seal it with a kiss.


losfeld said...

Hey nice blog in here, congratulations! I think we share some common interests in popular culture and b-movies! CU!

Michael said...

Thank you and I return the compliment! I need to find a good online translator and dive into your blog a little deeper. And I'll be at the Toronto Wolf Eyes show on April 1st!

losfeld said...

Lucky you! I've never seen Wolf Eyes live... I only saw Aaron Dilloway alone some month ago here in Paris.

Rick said...

Uschi Digart was the first woman I saw topless. I guess I was 11 when I had found a mens mag featuring her. Since then she has been the standard for the women that I find attractive. Talk about setting the bar high.

Michael said...

She wasn't the first for me, sadly, but an important one and especially for watching films. She could make a movie. Like, her brief bit in Truck Stop Women put such excitement in me that it became a 'good film' just by her appearance. Having her as the gold standard would be tough indeed.

Anonymous said...

You might be interested in this blog, as there was a rather in-depth post about Ushci just the other week: