Saturday, June 29, 2013

The search for storage space for the 16mm film collection

I've added this to the previous post, but adding more details to the ongoing story...

Talking to a couple of parties who have offered space for us to store the films. Nothing locked, but most likely the collection will have to be split up between 2-3 locations to accomodate it all. If anyone has any other leads or connections to someone willing to help, please let us know. Email us at

It looks like the owner of the current space is letting us have a few weeks to do the move as it is obviously not something that can be done over night. Phew! That was keeping me up at night!

If the storage solutions work out, I'll be pretty happy with them as it could mark the beginning of some good partnerships with people who are committed to saving and preserving the collection.

I've been busy with work for most of the week and have been juggling the search for spaces with the day job, which is, those who know me, at the busiest point of the year. Well, guess things could be worse and this could have happened in September!

Finally had the opportunity to go into the space today and with the help of pal Sebastian Di Trolio (who came all the way from London, ON to help), Ben Ratcliffe, and Brendan Ross, we were able to clear and pack up over 14 of 38 shelves! That is around 37% of the job done. We've been working on the smallest diameter of cans (400 ft) and working up as the plan is to move the smallest to the biggest (2000 ft).

As we were working in the basement, we talked about the possibilities of what to do with the collection once it gets relocated. As soon as it is all moved and a break in my schedule happens, there will be an intensive listing and arching of the collection to figure next steps. Some of those steps may include some sort of crowdfunding campaign to help get a permanent space for the collection and to cover costs  involved (projectors, screens, repairs, etc), similar to what the 3Ton Preservation Society did. Sketching out ideas, but right now the focus is on getting the collection packed and moved then onwards and upwards!

Thanks to all the folks who have passed this around!

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