Tuesday, October 11, 2011

how naughty is their math?

At last! A blog dedicated to "Blackboards in Porn"!

"Celebrating pornographers who go the extra mile when set dressing classroom porn and actually write something on the blackboard. What do they write, and is it correct?" 

And this site is 100% SFW for those math prudes who might be concerned.

For the above photo:

Compound Angle Formulae

sin (A + B)
= sin A cos B + cos A sin B

cos (A + B)
= cos A cos B - sin A sin B

tan (A + B)
= tan A + tan B
1 - Tan A Tan B

A-level standard trigonometry. Maths all correct. Good pluralisation of 'formulae'. Neat handwriting. Loses a mark for 'Tan' instead of 'tan'. But otherwise: excellent work! 9/10

(via Blackboards in Porn)

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