Friday, March 05, 2010

just up the street

My office is just down the street from the corner of Spadina and Dundas where there sits a giant building that hundreds of people pass by every day with no idea of what it used to be. On the main floor on the corner is a Royal Bank of Canada. On the side is an exotic juice and bubble tea store. In the basement is a dollar store. But what of the 2nd and 3rd floors? I used to know it as The Pearl, a Chinatown cinema where I caught midnight shows of Jackie Chan and Chow Yun-fat action extravaganzas. However, before that, it was The Victory Burlesk, where strippers pranced on the stage and nudie flicks unspooled. Pulled these two ads from a paper ad that I got via our pal Eric V over at 32ElvisMovies.

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Low Def Love said...

"queen of the bosoms!" yes.