Monday, September 14, 2009

Genuine beauty

It gets so eerily quiet around this place when the Toronto International Film Festival gets going and 2/3 of the staff take off to hobnob with the glitterati and yours truly is left to just aimlessly drag a broom around the place and ceaselessly sing (I don't want to go to) Chelsea by Elvis Costello. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's _________ so I guess glum me, misfit myself and unglamourous I will just keep on keeping on as though George Clooney meant nothing at all.

And why not just indulge myself a little here?

A recently acquired piece of gorgeousness in the form of a Japanese tatekan (or 2 panel) for Pier Paolo Passolini's fantastico 1968 art-film, Teorema, starring the unbelievably resplendent Silvana Mangano. Oh, and Terrence Stamp is in it someplace too.

Here she is enjoying some class privileges with husband Dino De Laurentiis and family and holding one of the cigarettes that would help her develop lung cancer, I'm sure.

A scene (that doesn't feature Silvana)...

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Anonymous said...

Damn. That Teorema poster is a thing of beauty.