Sunday, August 02, 2009

Mondo del Mondo!

A celebration of our world of worlds!

After the 1962 release and success of the seminal film, Mondo Cane, a flood of similarly styled exploitation/documentary films were unleashed with varying degrees of reality, relevance or ridiculousness, just like the original they were imitating. I just assume that everybody online is so savvy and beyond being taught that I feel a lesson in the history of the films is unnecessary and you all have such googly skills that my words are a waste of our collective time when I could be riding my bicycle.

Mondo Cane and the other films of Prospero/Jacopetti are certainly well made and definitely interesting in the context of what they were trying to do, (both real and by lucky error) how it hadn't been done quite that way and tat it touched off a stream of curiosity in (often faux) realism that, arguably, is still being processed today through reality television and our desire to tsk-tsk and tut-tut at all the oddballs, perverts and zealous whosits in the world from the safety of the cinema seat or our couch. We're so above all that baseness that it's laughable, really. Film viewing is almost purely voyeurism so it's nice to see the honesty represented in this oft-maligned genre. Besides, they can be fun too, you know?

I collect anything (and I mean anything) poster related with the word Mondo on it. I'm serious. It's not a huge dossier here but it is well stocked and will continue to grow for as long as I draw breath.


Colin said...

Just got a copy of Mondo Candido. I can pass it to you if you'd like!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! Mondo films usually bore me, but the god.

princesstrudy said...

is this in the legend of Mondo New York, and Mondo Moscow?