Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Idaho Transfer

Just grabbed this off of Demonoid yesterday and curious to check it out when I have a breather from my day job of film watching - a 1973 sci-fi directed by Peter Fonda! Never heard about it before, but there is a lengthy mention of it at wikipedia:
Reception of Idaho Transfer has been widely mixed. Time described it as a "very deliberate and closely controlled film graced with a slow, severe beauty that makes its quiet edge of panic all the more chilling",[6] whereas Jay Robert Nash in The Motion Picture Guide declares it a "useless piece of drivel about an obnoxious group of teens".
Further browsing on wikipedia turns up that the film was scored by Bruce Langhorne who also scored Fonda's 1971 film Hired Hand and was the subject of the Bob Dylan song "Mr. Tambourine Man"!

Anyone seen this? Think I need to have an eve of destruction film night soon...

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Joe! said...

I'd never heard of it before I caught it on one of those 50 Movie public domain DVD packs from Mill Creek. It's surprisingly good!

Michael said...

That seems fantastic. Please invite me to your armageddon party.

The Flying Maciste Brothers said...

You are in good hands with Señor Fonda with this one. He had been promising a legitimate release of this for a few years now (mentioned at the American Cinematheque at a screening of The Hired Hand he Q&A'd at). The Macistes are also very fond(a) of Wanda Nevada as well. Luke Askew and lasers in a very wide ratio = good eat'ns!