Thursday, March 12, 2009

Maple syrup

I'm always thrilled when I find what I consider to be a legendary piece of Canadian film paper. The main reason is that, in most cases, the films I'm talking about don't have wide releases and one can assume that the screenings were small and precious, just like the number of posters printed up. I scored this one not long ago (and recently saw the film) so I was a very happy poster collector.

Allan King is making his films available to the public by selling them directly from his website. So, that's cool. I want to see Skid Row pretty bad and the one that has the guitarist from Rush as a teenager.

However, not all of the Canadian wonderfulness of movie history is available although great strides are being taken by the N.F.B. and others and they should be celebrated. Criminally unavailable (and I'm not talking about DVD-R) are the films of Janis Cole and Holly Dale. I have never seen P4W but I would nearly kill to do so. Honestly. And this is one of my all-time favourite films from any country and in any style. It's is pure magnificence. And purely Canadian, thankfully. I've had two television screenings in my lifetime but I need more, people.


Cinema Du Meep said...

Wow, those are some rarities. I'm in love.

Excellent blog by the way!


Anonymous said...

HOOKERS ON DAVIE is magnificent. Love that movie. Jealous of your poster.

Have you ever seen Allan King's A MARRIED COUPLE? Fucking great.
-Robin Bougie

Michael said...

Thanks, Meep!

Agreed, Robin. I want to see deluxe DVD releases of both Hookers and P4W as soon as possible!

I haven't seen that one but I am making an order from Allan King soon for sure.

swac said...

I've been on the lookout for a copy of Hookers on Davie for a while.

My favourite bit of Canadian film paper is the poster for Stompin' Tom's Across This Land. Great concert film, also sadly unavailable commercially.

Michael said...

Do you have the Stompin' Tom poster? I've never seen it (or even knew of it) and now I have to!

Dion Conflict said...

P4W use to run on FIRST CHOICE (pre-Superchannel Merger) all the time. It's quite good, and ever features a Janis Gamble interview (and along the same time that came out, THE FIFTH ESTATE did an excellent 1 hour special on her case).

I have HOOKERS ON DAVIE and have run it a million times.