Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cherry Bomb

This trailer is dedicated to Mr. Greenwood - it's time to get your Currie on - Foxes (1980)!

Where is she now? According to Wikipedia,
Cherrie Currie is currently a chainsaw carving artist and recently opened her own Chainsaw Art Gallery in Chatsworth, California. She won awards in various art competitions.
That sounds about right.


Michael said...

Yes! Moroder doing the music is reason enough but I remember really liking this movie when I saw it on VHS so many years ago. If it's on DVD, I think I'm going to grab it for a re-watch. And the cast is stacked! Cherrie!

Jesse said...

There is a mysterious flourescent-lit Giant Book Store on Yonge south of Dundas that is selling sealed DVDs at 4 for $20 and they have a not bad collection of catalogue material (with multiple copies of each) - I bought Richard Gere's Breathless, The Limey and Foxes there this week for a song. A song, I tells ya!