Monday, February 18, 2008

Sometimes the tightest bonds

To any non-Canadians (and other specific provinces, naturally) that may be reading here, I wish to inform you that a great deal of us are being lazy and accepting a new holiday here in the wonderful, toppermost parts of North America. It's fitting too because we're all starting to climb the walls, act snippy and we're going to shreik if it starts to snow again as it's never stopped, really. This joke is wearing thin again and winter can gladly pack up and head elsewhere (is Australia busy?) for all we care. I'm glad there's a new 'day off' and it makes me feel a little closer to our European friends and ancestors who seemingly never work and have all kinds of leisure time, damn them.

So, get out and try to enjoy the weather anyway. And happy Family Day to you all, regardless of how messed up your relatives actually are! I'm going to take a bunch of space and hopefully give you a little smile as I celebrate the dynamics of the domestic unit here in poster form.

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