Thursday, August 30, 2007


Still one of my favourite films and the trailer is very exciting too. I just had a Hellman craving but I don't have the time to sit and watch the film right now so this clip will do just perfectly as a taste. Usually, a simple viewing of the opening moments of the film has me hooked in and I'm there for the duration and all the Oatesy goodness but I have avoided that here and now for us all. It's such a meditative film for me that I can't expain why it's so attractive. Like Barbi Benton, it's something entirely personal.


Anonymous said...

absolutely loooooove this film. so...i dunno...perfect? cockfighter too - harry dean stanton, warren oates, monte hellman - can it get any better?

- joe

tintarchive said...

It certainly doesn't get much better...if it does. Even The Shooting is pretty cool but it's never received a decent release that I know of despite Jack Nicholson being in it. I have a crappy DVD version but I recall liking it. Hellman/Oates is golden.

donna lethal said...

Warren Oates is my favorite breakfast cereal. I got to meet Monte Hellman at the bar at Musso and Frank's one night. It was surreal.

Michael said...

Far out! Have you seen 'Ride The Whirlwind'? What's it like?

I saw Norman Jewison at my local cineplex place and wanted to go ask him what Warren Oates was like but I didn't.