Friday, July 27, 2007

Travel by blog

I think you should probably grab this mp3 file and listen while you immerse yourselves in this quick and painless study of one of our favourite fantasy places (but it's real!) where all the people look so beautiful that it aches and you can't keep count of how many times you fall in love on a speedy jaunt to grab a coffee without dropping your handful of funny change and currency. It's that good. It's Sweden!

First, it's a kingdom and it's in Scandinavia. These two things are really all that need to be said to get your blood rushing like mine does.

Let's not forget the important brouhaha that came about during the American exhibition of their famous dirty/art movie, 'I Am Curious Yellow', in the late 60s. The 'free' state of Massachusetts didn't see the kissing of certain things to be so conducive to how they lived their lives at the time but the courts were wise and its obscenity charges were turned over and we have all gained so much from those types of accomplishments and it was the frankness and bravery of Sweden that helped us. Thank you! Or should I say, tack själv!

Christina Lindberg is from there and she is super fine and so much so that I named my car after her and it is a Volvo station wagon and the Volvo brand automobile is from Sweden. For real!

Here is an example of a Swedish movie poster for a Swedish film called Thriller that starred Christina as well as a sex double for the raunchy bits. It's so cool that their posters look just like ours! We're not so different at all!

Abba, Turbonegro, Robyn and Bathory all come from Sweden and all are wonderful but especially Robyn. Definitely her. Wait! Edit! Turbonegro are from Norway which is also excellent.

Stockholm has a syndrome named after it and it's a pretty cool one too! I'm not kidding and you can look it up if you think I'm lying but you'll see I'm right and soon come to believe everything I say.

Because of all these (and there are many, many more, I promise you!) interesting facts, we here in North America are rightly fascinated by this charming country so steeped in pagan/nordic lore and full of righteous people and places. We can't get over them or how sexually advanced and licentious they are, it seems.

Now, as we've said before, we (I) would not be here if it wasn't for the sage advice of my Swedish friend, Lars Erik, and now I am proud to announce and direct you to the blog that he has just started that will celebrate the film posters that he fancies (Swedish! And others! And he can tell you what Farg means!) as well as whatever he damn well feels like expressing. And we will read it with rapt attention and we will soak in his words and we will grow because of it because Lars is Swedish and lives in Sweden and that is pretty goddamned cool!

They invented the zipper, people!


Lars Erik Holmquist said...

Thanks Michael - see you in the blogosphere! - Lars Erik

tintarchive said...

Jag vill ja bli seende du och JAG blick främre till den!

Ann said...

Nice post! You have said it very well. Keep going.